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Birthdate:Apr 24
Character’s name: Yamamoto Takeshi
Character’s fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Character’s DW: to be made

Tell us about the character and his fandom:
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Or KHR is the story of a pathetic young high school student that discovers that he was chosen to become an Italian Mafia family’s head, the Vongolia Family. A tiny hitman comes from Italy to train the successor of the family as well as those people who the boy amasses (and accepts into his own “family”). Yamamoto is one of those people that have been brought into the Vongolia family.

The canon point that he is being taken from is right after the Varia Arc. In this arc, the Vongolia Family have to fight against another mafia family for the right to be the true successor. The end of the arc has the Vongolia winning and everything going back to normal, for the moment.

Yamamoto is a pretty stereotypical Japanese teenager. He is a huge fan of baseball. It is his life and he loves it more than anything else. His family owns a sushi shop, run by his father. He takes after the man in that he is usually really calm and friendly. He fights with a katana. He is just terribly friendly and outgoing. He is rarely seen not smiling. He laughs readily and seems to find ways to have fun and enjoy himself in some pretty weird situations. He is a peacemaker when arguments occur between friends. He’s very popular with his classmates, especially with girls. He can make friends with just about everyone, and those he can’t, they at least respect him. His easy going nature makes him seem a bit naieve and that’s not wrong. He’s terribly optimistic, regardless of the number of people that have tried to kill him. It’s not that Yamamoto is stupid, but he is blissfully ignorant about a lot of things. He honestly believes that the battles and the mafia stuff is just one elaborate game of cops and robbers and that Reborn’s weapons are advanced kids toys.

That doesn’t mean that Yamamoto is a push over. Nice does not always mean good. Reborn himself has noted that Yamamoto is a natural born hitman. He can become angry, especially when his friends are in danger or if they are hurt or injured in some way. He is willing to sacrifice things that are important to him to save his friends. He is also not stupid by any means. He might be a jock, being one of the most athletic of the Vongolia family, but he is also a quick learned. He remembers all 8 forms of the Shigure Soen Ryu after only seeing it one time. He creates a new one in a life or death situation. He has also come up with some pretty interesting tactics and is very skilled at teamwork because of how quickly he can understand and grasp situations.

He also feels for his opponents. He remains calm during battle and always looks for ways to beat his opponents without mortal injury. He has even attempted to save those he fights when they are about to die.

Due to his baseball training, Yamamoto is a very capable athlete. He has a strong body and argulby the best reflezes of all the Vongola, giving him a natural advantage in a fight. He is able to dodge bullets from both close and far away. He possesses the Shigure Soen Ryu sword style, taught to him by his father. It is a style only passed to worthy students and only when the student creates their own form in addition to the others they learned do they truly succeed the style. There are 4 defensive and 4 offensive styles to begin with and he had just created another offensive style at the point in canon he is being taken from.
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