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Short Description: ► The nicest natural born hitman you'll ever meet. He's always ready with a smile, no matter the situation. He'll smile and laugh, even when he's cutting a person down.

Shigure Kintoki (katana)
Rain Swallow (Kojirou)
► X4 rain rings
► Squalo's sword

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► [ profile] darkangel998 

► PHONE/TEXT: 82-537-8744

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Aug. 14th, 2015 07:57 pm
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NAME:Takeshi Yamamoto
CANON:Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
BRAND:the money rose, located on the nape of his neck
JOB: Bodyguard
  • Katana - Shigure Kintoki
    This sword is not just a traditional sword ( here ), but it can also act as a conduit for his tranquility flames, as seen here. That is, he can cover it in his flames so he attacks not just with the blade of the sword, but a covering of his tranquility attribute.
  • Two rain rings of medium high strength
    Rings have varying strength and some can't handle really pure flames and will break on use. He's used his a few times without their breaking, so it's assumed that they're at least strong enough to withstand him. The strongest rings (the Vongola rings) don't exist at this time because Tsuna destroyed them to try and save the world.
  • Two box weapons
    These are weapons that get activated when flames from the rings get put into the box, opening it. Most boxes have a corresponding flame. Takeshi's boxes are Rain.

    - Rain Sparrow box - this box, when activated, releases a small sparrow charged with Rain flames. Like his sword, the bird comes out as an actual sparrow, only covered with Rain Flames. Kojirou, as he has been named, is usually deployed wo fly overhead and "rain" tranquility flames down upon the battlefield, thus slowing things down. After battles, he goes back in his box.

    - Rain Barrier - This box makes a giant shield of tranquility infused water in the direction the box is pointed. It's a defensive weapon that helps to block attacks.

    Necklace of the Rain Version X

    Rain Akita (Jirou)


  • three piece suit that actually fits him, wow
  • diamondback handgun


TRIGGERS: I have very few triggers. There is little I won't RP, just please touch base with me first. My only hard nos are things with little kids
FIGHTING: Fight away. Yamamoto is a shonen manga protag, so he's pretty hardy. Normally, he's the "nice guy bff character", so he's more a lover than a fighter by nature. However, he will go to the mat when necessary. Especially to protect others. He's survived certain death way too many times to count. He's also crazy skilled, considered a "natural born hitman", so don't expect an easy time. Hurting him is fine, but please touch base with me before it's anything super life threatening.
AFFECTION:Go for it. He's a very touchy feely character. He loves affection from pats on the back to ridiculous "go team" hand circles. He is very receptive of hugs and kisses. He is naturally flirtatious. He doesn't realize he's doing it. He just sees it as being "friendly". If you don't want him to flirt, please say so. Please consult me for more hot and heavy shippy/smutty stuff however
INSIGHT:Go for it. He's an open book. Just ask me what they need to know. After all, this isn't the first time he's had to deal with that.
MORE: USE OF FLAMES - Takeshi is in possession of Rain Flames. This means he has the ability to tranquilize characters. He usually uses it to calm people down by giving them a dose. Think if it like magical morphine. And just like morphine, too much can shut a person down. So please let me know if it's not cool for me to use his Rain Flames on your character, or if he does use them, how far he's allowed to go in calming them the fuck down.


CONTACT:[ profile] darkangel998
BACKTAGGING:all the time. I'll backtag into eternity
PROSE V. ACTION:either or, I'll match you
THREADJACKING:Please ask first, but I'm pretty okay with it if it makes sense.

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Aug. 9th, 2015 09:48 pm
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Phone message: You have reached the phone of Yamamoto Takeshi. I'm out at the moment, Haha. Please leave a message and I'll get back to you


Jan. 19th, 2014 09:50 pm
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Wow, this virtual reality world is pretty cool. I’ve never seen anything so real before. It’s like this computer is really here. And the city looks pretty cool too. I thought I saw a Mets poster outside when I looked out the windows. I haven’t gotten an answer to my email yet. Maybe Reborn is playing a mystery game with me. I hope I solve the mystery soon so I can get to my practice.
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It was finally over. Everything was settled and it was time to go back to life as normal. The ring felt a little heavy on his finger but the rest of him felt light. He was relieved that that Squalo guy hadn’t been killed during their fight. This mafia game of Tsuna’s was getting pretty intense. He would probably have to quit playing soon, since baseball season was getting pretty busy for him.

The morning it happened, he was headed to baseball practice. He was in high spirits, a smile on his face. He couldn’t wait to get on the mound a hurl a few fastballs. With all that had been going on recently, he hadn’t been able to work on his battery with the catcher. He had to get that going if they were going to make it to the championship.

Jogging merrily around the corner, he saw the school. It was the last sight he would have of Namimori. There was a sound of an explosion and pink smoke. When it cleared, there was nothing. Weird…

It was probably another one of those mafia games. “Roborn, I really need to get to baseball.” He called out into the nothingness. “I don’t have time to play right now.” There was no answer. Just the echo of his voice and the feeling of floating. Then the feeling of falling. He wondered if this would have been what it felt like if he had jumped off the roof way back then.

He jolted when he came back to. Computers. He was in a building of some sort. “Wow. This virtual reality stuff is pretty real.” He laughed lightly, “I really really don’t have time.” He tapped the computer desk where the note lay. He ignored it for the moment to turn to the computer and try to get into his email. Maybe there was some message about this new game he was supposed to play.


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